Happy Birthday Jason (aka Daddy)

I love to bake cakes. I especially love to decorate them (you can check them out at Sweet Cakes by Karla and Sarah). My kids are fondant junkies, they love to eat my scraps, but rarely do they get to play with it (let alone decorate a cake!!). Except on dad’s birthday. I started this tradition last year. Here is last year’s cake:

The cake was so small, most of the fondant ended up on the cake board! But they had fun cutting out their favorite shapes, then coloring them with edible markers.

This year, I wanted to give them more creative freedom. So, I baked a chocolate mint cake with vanilla mint buttercream (my husbands favorite flavor combo). I was sure to make this cake a little bigger! Its covered in chocolate ganache (not perfectly I might add, but I figured they would be covering most of it anyway!).  The kids picked out all the cookie cutter shapes. so random what they chose…Christmas and Halloween?!? And I had some Duff cake wires that we decided to try. The kids put them in the cake, that’s why some are protruding out the side with balls of fondant attached to them. Anyway, here is the finished cake. I especially love the reindeer with the bug eyes:)

It was so fun to see them present their creation to their dad! They were so proud!! I think it cake out pretty cute!


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