Some Recent Cake Favorites

I haven’t really been into blogging for a while, but though I’d share some of my favorite cakes I made over the 1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSCN6645 DSCN6693 230873_209155595774441_165696586787009_636931_3760778_n (2) 208394_200327226657278_165696586787009_576849_2631544_n (2) 199208_198995326790468_165696586787009_569310_26358_n (2) DSCN6521 DSCN5416 DSCN7690


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Teacher Gifts

My kids were blessed with some AMAZING preschool teachers this year. So, to thank them for such a great school year, I painted these pots with chalkboard paint, and added a ruler border. I saw the idea all over pintrest, though I’m not sure who actually came up with the idea.

Then, I filled them with tulip cake pops. The tulips are fake flowers I got at Michaels. Each stem was a green tube, which held the cake pops perfectly!



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Glider revamp

Glider revamp.

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