Baseball Memories

This was my son’s first year playing T-ball.  I get such a kick seeing my little guy proudly dressed up in his baseball uniform. And I love that I have a great shot of him to remember his first year as a ball player.

My friend, Ashley, at {3:23} Photography, actually is the creative genius and came up with this idea. So I copied her:) I had a 16 x 20 picture printed, then I attached it to a canvas using mod podge. I also made one for a friend.



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Angry Angry Birds

Ok, so I know it’s just angry birds, and not angry angry birds, but it’s what my boys call it. I think it’s like hungry hungry hippo. Anyway, my youngest is celebrating his 4th birthday at school today, and he picked out some angry birds cake balls. I think he liked that there were 6 different characters. I should have made him pick one, but no, I made them all. They were a ton of work! Here’s the crew!

I wasn’t too impressed with how black bird came out, so I left him off the cupcakes.

Boy do I have one excited little guy! Hope the other moms don’t hate me for this!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My valentines are DONE. This year, much like the last, was all about the cake pop…and cake ball. I’m sure you’ve seen this idea all over pinterest (with lollipops, not cake pops), but I LOVE it, and had to try it with my boys. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. I uploaded my picture to shutterfly, and they had some cute valentines day borders.

I also made some cake balls, but not just any cake balls, these ones I shaped into hearts. I love how they came out.

This one looks like a box of chocolates!

Tomorrow I plan to celebrate valentines with all my boys. We are having heart pizza and broken arrow cupcakes…I’ll post later:) I put out a little valentines treat for my boys to discover tomorrow…

I picked these cute little mailboxes up at the Target dollar section. What’s inside? Silly putty,a hotwheels car, a mini slinky, a mini strawberry pot, and some jelly beans.

Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!!

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Happy Birthday Jason (aka Daddy)

I love to bake cakes. I especially love to decorate them (you can check them out at Sweet Cakes by Karla and Sarah). My kids are fondant junkies, they love to eat my scraps, but rarely do they get to play with it (let alone decorate a cake!!). Except on dad’s birthday. I started this tradition last year. Here is last year’s cake:

The cake was so small, most of the fondant ended up on the cake board! But they had fun cutting out their favorite shapes, then coloring them with edible markers.

This year, I wanted to give them more creative freedom. So, I baked a chocolate mint cake with vanilla mint buttercream (my husbands favorite flavor combo). I was sure to make this cake a little bigger! Its covered in chocolate ganache (not perfectly I might add, but I figured they would be covering most of it anyway!).  The kids picked out all the cookie cutter shapes. so random what they chose…Christmas and Halloween?!? And I had some Duff cake wires that we decided to try. The kids put them in the cake, that’s why some are protruding out the side with balls of fondant attached to them. Anyway, here is the finished cake. I especially love the reindeer with the bug eyes:)

It was so fun to see them present their creation to their dad! They were so proud!! I think it cake out pretty cute!

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Felt Car City

My boys are obsessed with hot wheels. But hot wheels tracks never stay together and always seem to get broken. Plus, they are always racing their cars on the counters, on the floor, or up the walls. Sometimes they have me draw them a track outside using chalk. But it never lasts. Sooooo, I thought I’d make them something a little more permanent, but that doesn’t take up a ton of space like a train table.  I did a little search, and there are a ton of ideas out there, but I really liked this one by Oopsey Daisy.

My younger son was sick this week, so it seemed like the perfect project for us to stay home and do.  I bought two yards of green felt, plus a quarter yard of a variety of colors (though 1/4 yard was waaayyy too much!). As I cut and glued, he drove and parked his cars…for hours. Here is the finished project. It took two days, but well worth the effort, as they have already spent countless hours playing on it!

It’s certainly not perfect, but they don’t care! It does the trick and the best part is I can fold it up and put it away when they are done playing!

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Boy Fun

I can’t say the weather in California has been bad. Because it really hasn’t. We’ve had a few cold days and a few rainy, but in preparation of some horrible weather, I searched the web to come up with some fun kid activities.For my day job, I’m a scientist. So, my discovery of Science Bob was very exciting. He gave us a few fun projects, like the lava lamp.

Start with a 2L soda bottle, with 1 1/2 cups water and fill with oil (we used canola)

Add a few drops of food color (we only had blue)

Let the kids drop in some alka selter tablets.

My pictures don’t do this justice. It was pretty cool:)

Our next experiment was making goo. We used the old Elmer glue/borax recipe, available all over the internet. We made a red batch with white glue and a blue batch with clear glue. They got mixed together, so now we have purple goo!

Finally, the ivory soap foam trick. This was the easiest. Just microwave the soap. The kids loved watching the soap grow before their eyes! Start with plain ivory soap

Microwave for about 2 minutes, or until you see this:

It’s firm, but flaky

What to to with all that soap? How about a car wash in the kitchen sink!

And we finished our fun with some pizza:)

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Do you Zoku??

My Aunt Dellie is the queen of gadgets. She also always manages to find a gift suited for everyone. Its personal, clever, and always a gadget. So, she gave our family the Zoku pop maker for Christmas. Shockingly, I’d never heard of this before, but its everywhere, even Williams Sonoma!

Anyway, she also got us a character set, which allows you to make your pops into little people using little cutters and thinly sliced apple.You just cut your apples, then arrange on the handy face plate, then insert into your pop maker.

Brilliant. The kids love cutting out the apple shapes, and I love it, cuz they end up eating a ton of apples. Plus, I make the pop filling, so its made with fresh fruit and whatever else I decide to sneak into it:) This one was simple, apple juice and strawberries.

The finished product is too cute! And the best part…they freeze in just minutes!

Of course, you can get crazy with these…

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