A simple maxi dress

So, my friend Sarah was out shopping at a local boutique and told me about this amazing maxi dress she found. She loved it because it was comfortable, but had a little band that covered the “pooch” area. Well, this got me interested, so I went to check out the dress.  It was a super cute dress, but for what it was, they were asking way too much money. I thought, I could make that for way less. So I did:) I actually made a short version as well, and took pictures of the process.

This dress is super easy to make (I think it took about an hour) and very comfortable to wear. And it hides the problem areas. Well, my problem areas!

Here’s what you need:

2 yards of stretch fabric (cotton jersey, or a polyester/spandex, just make sure its at least 4% spandex, you need stretch!)

1″ elastic

Coordinating thread.

For all seams, use a long stitch with a zigzag.

1. Start by measuring your waste . You want the band to be snug, so take your waste measurement, divide by two, then subtract 3-4″ (this will be the waist measurement). I just kept trying the band on to get the right fit. Cut out a 2 pieces that are8″ tall by waist measurement. Then, fold this piece in half, so now you have a double thickness 4″ x waist measurement (mine was 14″) .Sew the side seams of the two folded pieces so you now have a tube.

2.  Cut out your skirt. You want the length to be about the length of your hip bone to the ground. You can always make it long, then cut at the end to your preferred length.  Your width will be the same as the waist band (or a few inches wider depending on the fit you want) at the top, but as wide as possible at the bottom. Just cut out a trapezoid, with this fabric, it will drape nicely, so it doesn’t need to be perfect. Mine was 40″ long, buy 14″ at the top and 27″ at the bottom. Cut two pieces. Sew the side seams with right sides together. Attach the waist band to the skirt, again with right sides together (stretch the waist band if necessary as you sew if your skirt is wider). Now you have a cute maxi skirt, should you choose to stop here.

3. Cut out you top. You should make it the length of your torso, plus about 3 inches. Mine was 17″ long by 1/2 the width of my bust, about 20″. Cut two pieces, then sew side seams. Attach this to the skirt, again right sides together.You will need to pin the side seams, and make sure you stretch the waist band as you sew, since the top is wider than the skirt.

4. Lastly, attach some elastic. Just wrap it around your body, and decide how tight you want it. Then sew it into a circle. Pin the elastic to the inside top, matching the edges. Pin at the side seams and stretch elastic as you sew it on as close to the top as possible. Then, fold it over, to the inside of the top, and do a top stitch (not zigzag, but a long strait stitch) along the bottom of the elastic (this will be about 1″ down from the top). Pull the top so there is no gather as you sew.

And that’s it. Super easy. And very forgiving if you have some imperfections!  Here is a picture of the “mini” version of the dress.


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Wild bread!!

If you went to school in San Luis obispo or in Davis California, you are very familiar with wild bread. I was lucky enough to go to school in both towns, so I’ve had my fair share of wild bread! Basically, it’s pizza dough, brushed with oil, and topped with oregano, garlic, and salt. Cheese is optional. Then you dip in ranch dressing or pizza sauce. Yum!
I made a version of this bread using some leftover dough. Just oil your dough, spread on a pizza pan, top with seasonings of your choice (oregano, salt, rosemary, garlic…get creative!) then bake at 400 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.
Need a good dough recipe, try this one
Now, mine should have a lot more spices, but, they are too green for my son and he won’t eat it. If I were to make just for me, I’d be way more generous!

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