My New Obsession: Chalkboard Paint

Talk about versatile! Its safe to say I’m obsessed! This stuff is amazing and can be used for so many fun projects around the house or for gifts. My first crack at chalkboard paint was for my father-in-law’s birthday gift. He’s into bbq and beer, so I decided to make him beer mugs. I added a strip of chalkboard paint to each glass so he (and his guests) can write messages or simply their names on their glass. No more guessing who’s who’s! I created my template using blue painters tape that I cut using a plastic stencil and an exacto knife.  I primed well and added two coats of chalkboard paint. Then I outlined each rectangle using a sharpie oil-based marker. And Voila! To make this gift even more special, I had the kids create some artwork for him, then I used mod podge to add to a 4×4 ceramic tile. Easy and personal birthday gift.

Now that I have a quart of paint and primer, I had to use it for more! So, I made some wine glasses for my BFF Sarah. I saw these on Instructables, and thought they were so much better than a wine charm! She used spray paint, but mine I brushed on. At first I didn’t like the brush strokes, but now I think it adds a little texture and interest.

The next project was to make a flower pot for yet another bday this month. I filled the pot with cake pops, but once the treats are gone, she can use the pot for flowers or herbs. I included some chalk so she can label the contents of the pot. I added a candle to one of the pops for the birthday girl!

Finally, a project around the house! I had scrap wood in my garage from a different project, so I applied some magnetic paint (skip this, it really isn’t all that magnetic) and some chalkboard paint, and made a message board for my pantry. I found some great, but very affordable, unfinished frames that come in virtually any size, so I picked those up at Michael’s. I busted out the power saw (I know, crazy!) and cut my board to the size of my frame. It was surprisingly simple to do.

To finish the project, I used binder clips and picture wire to make a space to store bday invites, reminders, or even the kids’ artwork (since the magnetic paint was a bust!).

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post! I seriously need a new camera, since these photos leave much to be desired (my iphone ended up doing a better job with some of these pictures!!). I have so many more ideas running around in my head that I can’t wait to share with you! Thanks for stopping by!!


January 13, 2012. Tags: , , , . Sewing and Crafts.

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